Been reading lately –––

The Airbnb Invasion of Barcelona

Rebecca Mead's take on Airbnb's tourism expansion.

Market Failures in the Attention Economy

Andrew Kortina in a long-form take on capitalism, AI, and market failures.

Tristan Harris says tech is “downgrading” humanity — but we can fix it

Kara Swisher interviews Harris on the Time Well Spent movement and social climate change.

On my list –––

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

HBS Professor Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism dominating social order.

The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability

Questioning the co-creation of abundance.

What I've recently been up to –––


Let's Hear It

Ithaca Transit


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A little bit about me –––

I’m Maya, a junior at Cornell University studying Information and Computer Science.

I love to spend my free time on side projects, one of which is a platform I recently built called Let's Hear It, where I share stories about women from various industries on gender diversity and female empowerment.

I’m super interested in new trends with consumer-facing commerce, mobility, and small-business empowerment.

I’ve worked in product at incredible companies like Sailo, Rent the Runway, and Facebook and have learned a ton about creating experiences for diverse audiences. This summer, I’m currently working at Google as an Associate Product Manager Intern in NYC.

If you're interested in contributing to LHI, collaborating on a project, or anything else on your mind, I'd love to hear from you.

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